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Jeff's World

You want to find out what it's like to pick up your teeth with broken fingers?

16 November 1972
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The absolute BEST discussion forum for female fronted metal

Everything you think you know about me is true. I am an evil, twisted devil worshipper. I sacrifice kittens and babies, then dance naked, covered in their BLOOD, around a bonfire, calling upon the great old ones to smite the blessed and raise the wicked to Immortal Supremacy on Earth. Furthermore, your tramp of a daughter gangbangs me and my friends on your dinner table in exchange for crack cocaine. I hate puppies, flowers, apple pie, your mom, and everything American, especially the PRESIDENT. But most of all I hate YOU with a murderous passion you could barely understand with your limited intellect. Everything you feared about me is true.

..and I know where you live.

9/11, abortion, alcohol, allah, anaclitism, apocalypse, armageddon, autoerotic asphyxiation, barak berkowitz, bdsm, beastiality, belphegor, bite me, black metal, blood, blow me, bondage, buggery, cannibalism, catholicism, child endangerment, chlamydia, chloroform, christian, christianity, cocaine, columbine, communism, corporate greed, corruption, date rape, de sade, dead babies, dead baby jokes, death, decapitation, defilement, deicide, destruction, devil worship, did i say blowme?, disembowelment, dismemberment, domination, drugs, dumb bitches, embalmed fetuses, embalming fluid, emperor, ephebophilia, evil, evisceration, explosives, fan fiction, fascism, fred phelps, free speech, fuck you six apart, fundamentalists, furries, fuzzy bunny slippers, genocide, ghb, goats, goatse, god, golden showers, gonorrhea, gore, guns, guts, hate, heavy metal, hell, heroin, hitler, homicide, human sacrifice, incest, internet gestapo, internet witch hunts, internets are serious business, islam, jerry falwell, jesus, jim baker, katoptronophilia, kittens, knives, lenin, lesbians, little girls, lolita, lolitas, marduk, marijuana, masochism, masturbation, mayhem, methamphetamine, mind your own business, molestation, murder, mutilation, necrophelia, nuclear warheads, nuns, omg marilyn manson lol, oral roberts, osama bin laden, ozzy, pat robertson, pedophilia, pigs, pol pot, puppies, rape, raping wfi members, rohypnol, roleplaying, roofies, s & m, s8n, sadism, sailing the carpet ship, saliromania, satan, satanism, scat, serial killers, sheep, sin, slash, sodomy, somnophelia, stalin, suicide, syphillis, the devil, the westermarck effect, threesomes, tubgirl, westboro baptist church, wicca, wiccan, world domination, your mom, your sister